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Estimate of a Service of Dishes for
the Right Hon’ble Lord Nelson
Rundell & Bridge Nov 20 1800

    First Course

2 large oval dishes for top & bottom 23 ins long 220
2 D’t sic (Ditto) removes to serve abt 220
as top & bottom in the second course 20 (Ditto) 190
2 D’t Dt Flanks 17 (Ditto) 120
4 oblong double dishes with Chard Crests to
serve off the covers to serve for 4 dishes
in the second course 200, ab’t £110
4 circular casseroles & covers to be placed between
the flank ovals & corner oblongs with Chard crests 180, ab’t 98

    Second Course

2 oval dishes top & bottom, used on the first
course for the tureens to stand in….
2 D’t for flanks 80, ab’t 34
4 oblong dishes for the corners , the covers of the
four double dishes in the first course
4 round dishes used in the first course under
the 4 casseroles 90, ab’t 38 £550

Qu. 2 plate covers for the large top & bottom dishes &
2 D’t for the flanks ab’t 20
The whole of the first course would then be covered
Qu. Dish warmers ab’t 90/ea

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First Course.

[1st note] 2 oval Dishes for top
& 2 bottom, one removes with
the Tureen from each end, and
serves for top & bottom Dishes
in the second course.

[2nd note] 4 new pattern double
oblong Dishes which
come on in the first
course with covers, which
Covers take off & are
used as Dishes in the
second course.

[3rd note] 4 deep fashonable (sic fashionable)
Casserole Dishes, with
covers, standing in 4 round
shallow Dishes, which four
shallow Dishes are used
in the second course.

[4th note] 2 oval flank shallow

Second Course.

[1st note] Two Dishes for Top &
bottom, in which the
Tureens stood in the
first course.

[2nd note] 4 oblong Dishes, viz. the
four covers of those in
the first course
[3rd note] 4 shallow round Dishes
viz. the four Dishes in
which the Casseroles
stood in the first Course.

[4th note] 2 small oval shallow
flank Dishes.

[note written vertically to left of Second Course table setting diagram:]
The situation of these Dishes may be
varied according to fancy.

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