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Portsmouth may nineteenth
[‘FREE MAY 20 1803’ post stamp]
Lady Hamilton
23 Piccadilly
Nelson & Bronte London

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May 19th: 1803

My Dearest Emma,
I have been examining the list of
things which are coming down this Evening
and what comes tomorrow the latter will
of course not go with me. My Sopha [archaic variant of ‘sofa’] & the
Large chair not in any of the list therefore
I fear for them my Linnen (linen) I am likewise
not sure of as it was not marked Linnen.
my wine will go to the Custom House and come
to me as it can,, Mr: Turner of Portsmouth the
factotum of a Sea Officers will take charge
of what may come after my departure
Mr: Crighton nor sending me a List nor have
I Mr: Bursepi at least I cant find the letter
although I think to have seen it. The Victory
is in a pretty state of confusion and I have
not moved my cot from the amphion I
shall take my chance I get it tomorrow
Lord Gardner made such a point of my

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dining with him with Davison & Mr: Elliot
that I could not be off without offence
but I shall get from him as soon as I can
for they say there is much drinking,
Believe me I will hate to every thing here the
misery of the place is striking and
without you I am sure every place will
be the same I admire the Princes calling
but I rest confident that none will get
into your company I feel strong on that
point and you must think the same
Davison goes off with me and will not
leave me untill the Victory is under Sail
The Wind is fair and I am mad at being
detain’d. you will say all that is proper
for me to the young Bride my Dear Sister
this Wm.(William) Bolton who I hope will make for
a good Husband. The Doctor I hope is


content remember me to him and Mr:
Nelson now Mr: Scott is almost wore
out running about for me. We shall
get no rest ‘till we get to sea I am
half vexed but Sutton is a good man
but not so active as Hardy Ever my
Dearest Emma your faithful & affectionate
Nelson & Bronte

Lord Minto is just arrived & for: Elliot who
goes out in the Victory to get made Port
Heavens Bless & preserve you, regards to the
Duke Lord Wm: etc

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