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[written by Nelson 2-1/2 months after losing his rt. arm]


141 Bond S:t (Street) Oct:r (October) 12th 1797,

My Lord,
In addressing a letter to you
some persons may think me wrong, and that I ought
to have chosen the interference of a friend, but
feeling a conviction that if what I have to ask
in proper for Your Lordship to grant, that I
require on the present occasion no interest, but your own
opinion of my endeavours to serve the State.
I therefore enclose my Request which
If your Lordship has the goodness to comply with,
will be a small provision for the youngest son of
my Venerable Father, and a lasting Obligation

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Upon Your Most Obedient Servant
Horatio Nelson

The Right Honble (Honourable)
The Lord Chancellor

[written upside down in another person’s writing; possibly the Lord Chancellor’s clerk:]
Sir H: Nelson
Burnham etc etc. for Mr.

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