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Brixham february fourth 1801

Lady Hamilton

23 Piccadilly

Nelson London

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San Josef febry: 4th: 1801

My Dear Lady Hamilton it blows so hard that I
doubt if it will be possible to get about on shore either
to receive or send letters but if it moderates in time
for the part of course mine shall go and I hope
from my heart to hear you are better, and it
has made my head ache stooping so much as I
have been making memorandums for my Will
and having regularly signed it.  If was to die this
moment I believe it would hold good.  If I am not
able to sent it as far as relates to you this day I
will tomorrow.  I have been obliged to me more
particular then I wish’d as a wife can have
nothing and it might be taken from you by
will or the heirs of your heart and, if you disapprove
of any part say so and I will alter it, but I
think you must approve I have done my
best that you should.  I shall now go to work and
save a fortune, say shall I bequeath the 2000£-
owing me from Sir W. [William] for the same purpose.  you
must keep this letter ‘till you receive a copy of my
memo [i.e. Will memorandum].  what a pretty piece of history letting out
the men at Sanadson [unknown reference]. I was camped by some ship?
ones in power when I said if I was a perseverate:?
I would come out in spite of all the English Fleet
as they now run into Brest, and I would be
onto all of them

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before morning.  your dear kind letters of monday are
just come on board in a shore boat and I shall try
and get mine ashore but it is barely possible-
Sir William should say to the Prince that situated as
you are It would be highly improper for you to
admit H.R.H. that the Prince should wish it I am
not surprized at and that he will attempt every
means to get into your house and into any place
where you may dine But Sir Wm: [William] should speak
out and if the Prince is a man of honor he will quit
the pursuit for I know his aim is to have you
for a mistress.  the thought so agitates me that I
cannot write, I have wrote a few lines last night
but I am in tears I cannot bear it.  Tell Wm:  I -
his friend is grateful for his goodness and make
my kindest regards to Mr: Jenkins & Horatia & Ever Believe
me your sincere faithful & affectionate
Nelson & Bronte
We drink your health everyday, Believe me
your letters cannot be long or too minute of
all particulars.  my mind is a little easier
having perfect confidence.

Make my respects to Sir Wm: the Duke & Lord
Wm Gordon

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