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Yarmouth  March Tenth 1801

Lady Hamilton

23 Picadilly

Nelson London


St. George  March 10h: 1801

Your letter my Dearest friend of yesterday that is
of Sunday gave me infinite satisfaction and
Believe me my feelings and affections keep
pace with yours.  I shall please God soon
return bringing happiness that is if with him
who I hold most dear. My Commander In
Chief has his orders but I dare say it will
be 2 or 3 days before he is off.  I long to go
that I may the sooner return. Troubridge [Sir Thomas Troubridge] will
I am sure take care of all our packets [inbound/outbound mail], only
every day or two make Newspapers when
&: &: in one packet for the more packages
the more liable to be lost and I would not have
a line of yours lost for the riches of & am I
devour I feed upon them.  What can Sir Wm:
mean by wanting you to launch out into
Expense & Extravagance be that hard to think
that a little Candle light & (illegible) water
would ruin him to want to set off at
10,000 £ a year for a less sum would not
afford Concerts and the Style of living equal
to it.  suppose you had sett off this way what

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would he not have said,  but you are at auction
or rather to be sold by private contract, good
God my blood boils.  to you that very thing and
to be refused I cannot bear it, aye how
different I feel.  a Cottage a plain joint of
meat and happiness doing good to the poor and
setting an example of Virtue and Godliness worthy
of imitation even & Kings & Princes, my Brother
and Mr: Rolf a cousin of mine are a board
the former is prying and a little of time
I long to be alone or with you I hate company
it ill accords with my feelings.  Damn Lord
A. [unknown reference] do not let him take libertys, I suppose I shall
lose my course against Lord St. Vt: [John Jervis- Earl of St. Vincent, First Lord of the Admiralty] – I have only
motive, honor & the Custom of the Service on
my side, he has partiality, honor, money
and rascality on his, but we are good friends
and I have the highest opinion of His pasal [term for ‘many’]
abilitys  you know my dear Emma that
I want not detract from the merit of
my greatest enemies, no I am above that

You will have Ms: (illegible) with you she will com:
:pany (company) and the little womans tongue (illegible)
still, she is a very cheerful companion, you
cannot write me too much or too particular
tell me everything even your thoughts and
feelings. When did you see Lord A – you
did not tell me. may the heavens Bless
and preserve you
for your your
yours and only
yours & for you
alone your own
Dear affectionate
Sincere friend
Nelson & Bronte
best regards to the Duke & Lord Wm: I wish to now
return on Saturday but my Brother says He
cannot go before monday next, Davison said
you have said something about madeira & that
he had said jokingly He had no orders. now he
has send for it all everything I have it
is at your Command_ may heavens Bless

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