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Monarch off Bologne Augt: 15th: 1801

My Dearest Emma,
from my heart I wish
you could find me out a good comfortable
house, I should hope to be able to purchase it
at this moment I can only command
3000 £ and asking Sir Wm I could not do
it I would sooner beg, is the house at Chis:
:wick (Chiswick) furnished if not you may fairly
calculate at 2000 £ for furniture but
I & I can pay as you say by little & little
we could accomplish it.  be careful how
you trust Mr. Christie all must be settled
by a Lawyer it is better to pay 100 £ than
to be involved in law(.)  I am very anxious
for a house and theres nobody to do
any business for me but you my dear
friend(.)  If Davis arrives in town I would
get him to look about and settle all the

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Law business for me, but as to a house you are
an excellent Indy? only do not have it too large
for the establishment of a large house would be
ruinous.  as you may believe my Dear Emma
my mind feels at what is going forward this
night it is one thing to order and arrange an
an attack and another to execute it but
I assure you I have taken much more pre:
:cautions (precautions) for others than if I was to my:
:self (myself), then my mind would be perfectly at
ease for after they have fired their guns if
one half the french do not jump overboard
& swim ashore I will venture to be hanged
and our troops have only to go on never think
of retreating, this will not go away till to
morrow (tomorrow), many poor fellows may exclaim
would it were bad time and all were well,
but if our people behave as I expect our loss
cannot be much(.)  my fingers itch to be at

them.  what place would you like to come
to, Margate or Deal, Dover I fear would be
inconvenient.  Horsly? bay would be also the
same.  as for having the pleasure of seeing
you that I am determined upon, I am
begging here and perhaps shall only
get a ?? for my pains? to be half min??

in my little fortune I expect, but rich or
poor believe me Ever for Ever my dear
Emma your most faithful & affectionate
Nelson & Bronte

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