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Mr: Thomson care

of Lady Hamilton

I came on board but
no Emma, no no my
heart will break I am
in silent distraction. The
four pictures of Lady Hn: (Hamilton)
are hung up but alas
I have lost the original
but we part only to meet
very soon again, it
must be it shall be

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My Dearest wife how can I bear our
separation  Good God what a change I
am so low that I cannot hold up my
head.  When I reflect on the many happy
scenes we have passed together the being
seperated is terrible, but better times will
come, shall come if it pleases God, and
to make one worse the fate of poor Parker
but Gods will be done.  love my Horatia
and prepare for me the ???  If the
furniture will not suit we must get
other, there are sales every day.  my head
is almost turn’d.  Continue to love me as
Lady Hamilton does she knows my
thoughts and although this letter is In s
??? yet she will explain it all  may
the heavens bless you  amen, amen, amen.

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