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L32  001
Sir John Thos (Thomas) Duckworth K.B’ (Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath)
Nelson & Bronte 
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L32  002

Merton Febr’y 13th 1802

My Dear Sir John

I now send you our [Comly?]
opinion and the attorneys letter , every pain
has been taken and be it divided for or ag’st us
we have done all in our power to prevent the
service being performed by Deputy, if the Law
is so [retired?] [how?] red & colours, I dare say it will
cost us a large Sum of money but 2/3 I
consider I am to pay you 1/3 - as you will
believe from many worldly causes
the 1st Lord of the Adm’ty has from Adm'ty
up said af (after) his cause than any other
man if I was in Ld Sp Vty (Lordship's victory?) please thou mean
animals would have I one the same to me,
I find it very hard to fight ag’st (against)the first Lord
I much doubt if I retire ought to me pain:
;ted (painted) blind, for I see her eyes always turnd
to the rich & powerful but I still hope
that real justice will be brought back
in our cause, you know my Dear Adm’l?
that I am but a miserable correspon:

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L32  003…
:dent but I assure you, you are always alive
in my remembrance, as also in Lady
Hamilton & Sir Williams. We live at a little
Cottage I have bought miles from London
missing as little as possible with the World
which I fear grows falser every day, I trust that
you will keep your health and return in due
time to your native country where none
will be more happy to receive you than
your Sincere & much Obliged friend
Nelson & Bronte

Sir J. T. Duckworth K.Bth

Post script (by Lady Hamilton);
Sir William & Lady Hamilton
hopes Admiral Duckworth does
not forget them They never will him

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