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Victory January: 20th: 1804

My own dear beloved Emma  I
Send a very neat watch for our god
child and you will see it is by a good
maker that is I suppose it will Tick
for a year instead of a month or two
You will impress her that is it only
to be worn when she behaves well and
is obedient.  I am very sorry that your
Comb is not arrived the Brig is at
Malta, but I dare say it will arrive
sometime and you shall have it the
first opportunity   I send you  Mr: Val:
:courts (Valcourt’s) letter you will see how very
civil both of them are, Mr: Elliot is
a great minister but I doubt whether the

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Queen has much real friendship for him
acton [person’s surname] has him fast, but I believe Mr: E.(Elliot)
had rather that acton & the King & Queen
looked to him for my services than
applying to myself, but circumstances
as I have been and am with that court
Sir William gave it up and no other person
shall deprive me of the immediate
communication. No my dear Emma
what if I do for them shall be for on
myself and not through him. They
are in very great fears at this moment
I have been towards algiers where
I sent a Ship with Mr. Fallon our
Connel [colonel?] who This Day turn’d away
but the Day has been made so Insolent?

by Mr: Norths conduct in giving him
30,000 £ that nothing I suppose but a
flogging will put him in order, and with
the French fleet ready to put to sea
that I have not time for. I have been
my own Emma but very indifferent
a violent cord? when my breast? aches?
milk would have done me much
service but I am better and I hope to
continue so ‘till the battle is over then
I hope my business here will be finished
that it may soon in the sincere wish
of my Dearest Emma your ever much
faithful & affectionate
Nelson & Bronte.

I send you the Queens last letter Dr. Scott
I fear will not have time to copy the other

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I am hard pressed for time and am not very
stout today

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