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By the Right Honble. LORD VISCOUNT NELSON, K.B. [print-set letterhead]
Duke of Bronte in Sicily, Knight of the Great
Cross of St. Ferdinand and of Merit, Knight of
the Order of the Crescent and of the Illustrious
Order of St. Joachin, Vice Admiral of the
White, and Commander in Chief of His
Majesty’s Ships and Vessels employed and
to be employed on the Mediterranean Station.

Having directed the Money on board the
Royal Sovereign and Defiance to be put on board
L’Aimable and Renommee’, [former French prize ships]

You are hereby required and directed
to take that Ship under your Command, and the
moment the Money is received from the Ships of the
Line beforementioned, you will proceed to Gibraltar,
when you will put an equal proportion of it onboard
the Aurora. And as the Honble (Honorable) Captain Elliot
of that Ship is charged with the Convoy, you will
with the Renommee’ and L’Aimable Escort the
Aurora and Convoy to Malta, and on no account or
consideration whatever leave them, or for a moment
part Company from the Aurora and Convoy until
they are safe into Malta Harbour; And as I
have directed an Admiral with a Squadron of the
Line to see you and the said Convoy safe past
Carthagena, You are not to leave Gibraltar until
The said Admiral arrives to escort you past

[left margin note:]
N.B. The Money
that was onboard
the Royal Sovereign
is sent in by the
Amphion to be
put onboard the
Aurora at Gibraltar.

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that place, And as it may be more safe for
the Convoy, to proceed to Malta on the African
Coast. I would recommend your doing so if the
wind permits and consequently passing Cape Bon, [Tunisia]
but this I leave to your judgment, as it must
depend upon the State of the Wind and Weather,
After your arrival at Malta with
the Convoy as before directed, you will land the
Specie on board the Renommee’ and L’Aimable
with the utmost Expedition and deliver it to Sir
Alexander Ball, (which I should presume with
alacrity will only detain you a few hours, the
Aurora can land hers at more leisure) Having
so done you will return with the Two Ships named
in the margin [see note below], with all dispatch, calling on your
way down at Gibraltar to complete your Provisions
and Water, and receive from Rear Admiral Knight
the Rendevous of the Fleet, upon which you will
join me without delay. The importance of this
Service being very great, and Frigates most particularly
wanted with the Fleet. I have no reason to
repeat the necessity of the utmost exertion and
dispatch being used in the execution of the Order;
Should there however be a Convoy in Valetta Harbour
[left margin note - centre of page:]

ready to proceed to England, You will take it under
your protection to Gibraltar, but you are not to wait
longer than Two or Three days for this purpose as
Frigates are most particularly wanted. If there
are no Merchant Ships ready to accompany you
as above, You will return to Gibraltar and join
me as before directed, unless you shall find Orders
there from me for your further proceedings.

Given on board the Victory off
Cadiz the 14th day of October 1805
Nelson & Bronte (signed in his own hand)

[left margin note:]
Sir Thomas Livingstone Bd:
Captain of His Majesty’s
Ship Renommee’

By Command of the Vice Admiral
(illegible signature)

[written addenda in Nelson’s own hand:]
NB. You are to make the Signal
and take under your protection the
Transports now with the fleet bound to
Gibraltar. Nelson & Bronte

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