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Prince George Lagos Bay Feb.17

My S.r (Sir) William.
I have the pleasure to
acquaint you of our arrival here
yesterday evening, with an addition
to our Fleet of 4 sail of the
Line, two of 112 guns, one of 80. &
one of 74 guns, Captur’d on Tues.d (Tuesday)
from the Spanish Fleet, tho’ very
much superior to ours, they having 27
of the Line we only 15, we discover’d
them early in the morning about 7
O’ Clock, and immediately gave Chase
to them about 11 we cut through
their Line, tacked & return’d through
again, by 4 in the afternoon the
4 struck, to our very superior
fire at 5 we or there about we left
of(f). at that time the Spanish Admiral
appeared to be sinking, /the Trinidad
a four Decker/ a part of their Fleet
coming up that had not been in
Review coming up sav’d her from
being Captur’d. we are informed to
Day she is gone down. [The Santissima Trinidad had actually escaped]

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never was ships so completely beaten
as those taken also all those engag’d
our John [Admiral Jervis] behav’d with wonderfull
bravery & coolness. we by fast
Sailing, bore a Conspicuous part.
your good neighbour Admiral
Parker is a charming man, make
my best respects to his Family tho’
I have not the honor of being acquainted
with them, he leaves us to morrow (tomorrow).

Admiral Thompson comes, he is very
sorry to leave the Prince George as
the Barfleur is not ready for him
Adml Waldgrave (Admiral Waldegrave) having no orders to
return Home, a most extraordinary thing.

Commodore Nelson is well, I need not
Say which part he bore, the Gazette
will inform you of the whole, Sir
John [Admiral Jervis] – return’d(;) publish thanks to
Day to the Flag officers, Captains
Officers & Ship’s Companys. we suppose
the Spanish Fleet are so maul’d
that they will get into Cadiz as soon
as possible, we are getting the Prizes
ready to go to Lisbon with them,
they are terb terribly shatter’d, some
totally dismasted their Topmast
sails & all cut to Pieces. we
have suffer’d in our rigging & Topmast
also our Bowsprit much wounded.
however we are in tolerable good

kilter, remember you write me at
Lisbon sent me a new navy List
& Ships List, get them sent with
the Admiralty Letters. make my best
Respects to your Father, compl.s (compliments) to
Miss Eliza, John & Edward. & believe
me Sr. William yours very truly

John Irwin

PS: don’t forget to send
my Brothers Book to
Willes, I saw him at Lisbon. we was
there a few Hours. I hope our
Lads will get Promotion from the business.
names of the Prizes
Salvadore del mundo. 112 Guns
S.n Josef (San Jose) 112
S.n Nicolas (San Nicolas) 80
S.n Izydero (San Isidro) 74
Capt Foote [Capt. Edward Foote of the Niger] is with us he
begs his Compl.s (Compliments) to you. he has made
a handsome fortune since he left
England. /Feby (February) 18th Admiral Parker is
just leaving us. a brave & worthy
man as ever Liv’d, be sure you make
my best respects to his Family & Congratulations
on his success.

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