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But what a Peace After all your Victorys
& hard fighting, the Poor King of Sardinia, but
as to me one becomes callous but at last you
will have tranquillity, and these great minis:
:ters (ministers) may do as they please. But you
should have made the Peace then it would
have been honorable & lasting  I should like
to set Nelson agt: (sic against) Buonaparte by the Ears
Peace making, only indeed it would not
have been creditable for the Honest Glorious
Nelson to have been coupled to the ???
Villain Buonaparte the Corsican thief
and do all you can there is no such thing
as pleasing John Bull for now there is ???
??? all bad before the cry was Peace on
any terms. The King was in town yesterdy (yesterday)
in ???  but no acclamation.  not
much joy in town altho’ (sic although) the Country seems
to have made great rejoicings, all the Slock
Slock Jobbers in distress. The ministers cer:
:tainly (certainly) kept their secret, but do you not

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feinty  _ _ _ did not make privately a
good job I’ll be hanged if he would let
that occasion pass without profiting. I know
him well as a private man & sure becoming
a minister does not add to your honor or
Integrity  I have them all believe them all
false deceitful & corrupted. We shall
now see if Mr: Addington will keep his
promise  We shall now see whether this
generous nation will reward you
Nelson their Saviour.  let me see if you
will be made an Earl and 5000£ a year
at least, and this will be but a poor
pittance recompense for the man who
all the war has carried great victorys
who for the last years has enabled the
minister to sit on his seat, who has given
eclat to the opening of Parliament.  when
their resources were lost & they did not know
will? between their eyes. who has kept up

the honor of Great Britain  who has
lost his limb, health, blood & Spent his
little pittance to keep up the good name
generosity & hospitality of an English
admiral.  never tell me that these people
can do enough for Nelson.  I do not see
that this will be a lasting peace, and their
is but one Nelson in this World.

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