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L61 001
Victory off Cadiz Oct.18th 1805

My Dear Sir James
You may [rely] that when I can I will remove Lt. Fisher of the [? ?] . into a frigate at present I fear
the frigates are full and the Line of Battle Ships empty but in whatever manner my Dear Sir James
I may be able to meet your wishes I [advise] you will let me know. Our friends at Cadiz are ready
to come forth and I hope they will not again escape [me]. The career of the Rochford squadron I
think has been several days [???] by Sir Michael Strachan but I wish his force
Sir James Saumarez Bt. [JK.] Bth

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had been more equal to the contest.
I have to thank you for your great attention about my wine and for recom-
mending me some excellent champaigne
[pay] my respectful compliments to Lady Saumarez and believe me ever my Dear Sir James your
most faithful & obliged friend
Nelson Bronte
Since writing my letter I have to thank for the packet of newspapers and your letter of Oct 1st.
nothing could possibly be more acceptable. I hope we shall see

Buonaparte humbled The
Guernsey [???] has made a very valuable recapture of a vessel loaded with cotton bound to
Lisbon. Yours faithfully
Nelson Bronte

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