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Remarkes (sic Remarks) In HM Ship Defence
off Cadiz Under the Command
of lord Nelson,

- Saturday 19th [Wind] W/ (West)
Moderate breezes & pleasant Wea
ther (Weather) at light  AM the frigates
In Shore fired Signal fuzes
To Us that the french & Spanish
Fleet Was out  We answered
them at 2PM we Saw the
Fleet Standing to the South
Ward (Southward) we Cleared for Quarters
& Dodged the fleet all Night
Staved [archaic: to drive; steer] SE Cadiz Bearing
East Distant 6 Leages (sic Leagues) we at

Sunday 20th [Wind] WSW/ (West by Southwest)
Fresher Breezes and Squalley (sic Squally)
With Rain at 6AM & our
Fleet Joined Us & We Sta’d (sic Stayed) in towa
rds (towards) the Gut? at 7 AM  We one of
Our frigates maide (sic made) Signal to
Us that She Was in Sight
Of them in Shore we answered
Her & maid (sic made) the Signal to
The Admiral we tacked Ship
The Admiral maid (sic made) the Signal
To all the fleet to tack and ???
Close to the Wind  we & the frigates

[In Margin]
Doged (sic dodged)
them all
we all

Remarkes & HM Ship Defence
Cruising Off Cadiz October.
Monday 21 [Wind] W/ (West) Moderate Breezes & clear
Weather at half past 5 in the morning
The french & Spanish fleet We Saw to
leeward of Us We maid (sic made) a Signal
Immediately to Admiral Nelson that
The Enemy was close by he answered it
Immediately & maid (sic made) all the Sail they
Could towards them Admiral Nelson
Maid (sic Made) a General Signal Saying Boo__?
Britains fooley (sic folly??) Me the Action Began
Five Minutes past 12. it lasted untill (sic until)
20 minutes to 5 in the Evening we took 18 Sail
Of the Line and one Blowing in the east
Maid (sic Made) 19 in Number we took Command
of the Ships that Struk (sic Struck) to us at 5PM
The Ships Company Employed knoting [i.e. patching; repairing]
The Rigging & Other Necessarys (sic Necessities) after the
Action took our Ship in tow & Stad (sic Stayed) to assist?
4 Seamen 3 marines killed & thirty Wounded,

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