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26Apr26 1815 [post stamp]
Dover 72 [post stamp]
G. Matcham Esq.
Ashford Lodge
Near Horsham
[additional writing by another person, likely written subsequent to the main subject letter, on the side and bottom margins; unsure if it bears any relation to the context of the letter. Some of the writing is illegible]

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Dover April 24th. 1815

Dear Sir
I arrived at this place from
France yesterday morn’g & felt much
disappointed to find the trunk
containing the late Lady Hamiltons
effects so long promised to Miss
Nelson had not been sent. I
have this day sent the trunk
shall be in Town in a few days
when I shall have the pleasure
of personally delivering it to
Mr. Haslewood - this Sir is the
fourth letter I have written to
you since I last had the pleasure

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of seeing you & Miss Nelson
in Town – Ms. C. & myself
write in best wishes to
Miss Horatia, & respectful Comps. (sic Compliments)
to you & family, & believe
me Sir with such respect
Yr. (sic Your) Hble. (sic Honorable) Servt (sic Servant)
Henry Cadogan

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