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Plymouth Dock January twenty sixt

Lady Hamilton
23 Piccadilly
Nelson London

PLYMOUTH DOCK [post stamp]

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January 26th: 1801

My Dear Lady Hamilton when I consider
that this day nine months was your birth
day and that although we had a gale of
wind, yet I was happy, and sung come
cheer up fair Emma &.&.  even the thought
compared with this day makes me melan:
:choly (melancholy).  My heart some how is sunk within
me(.)  I long to hear you are well keep up your
Spirits ah wile (awhile) and well  the dearest friends
must part and we only part I trust to
meet again.  I am I wonder that Sir Wm: [William Hamilton]
should have a wish for the Prince of Wales
to come under your Roof.  no good can come
from it, but every harm.  You are too
beautiful not to have enemies and even
one Visit, will Stamp you as his Chere Amie
and we know he is doatingly fond of such
women as yourself, and is without one

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of honor in those respects, and would leave you
to bewail your folly, but my dear friend
I know you too well not to be convinced
you cannot be seduced by any Prince in
Europe.  You are in my opinion the pattern
of perfection.  I have no orders and can
have none before wednesday therefore sooner
than thursday or friday the ship cannot
move.  I have told my Brother of your
intentions of giving him a paste [to beat or defeat].  he would
have had a hard matter to have got
one of mine.  he proposes if no orders arrive
very soon to have me when I shall instantly
retire on board.  I feel no loss in not going
to these Balls & assemblys  my thoughts are
very differently engaged.  I know nothing of
my destination more than I did when in
London but the papers and reports of my being

to be put in a bad Ship which although I can hardly
credit, fills me with sorrow which joind (joined) to
my private feelings makes me this day
ready to burst every movement into tears(.)
I will try & write to the Duke tomorrow this
day I could not if millions lay in my
way.  Mr: Thomsons friend is this moment
come into my room he desires me to thank
you for your goodness
to his dear friend he
appears almost as
miserable as myself
he says you have
always been kind to his dear Mr: Thomson
and he hopes you will continue your
goodness to him on this trying occasion.  I have
assured him of your innate worth and affect:
:tionate (affectionate) disposition.  and Believe as Ever
and for ever your attatched (attached) and truly
affectionate friend   Nelson & Bronte
my best respects to Sir William, Mr: Denis
& etc

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